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Foot pain

Gait Disorders

One of the functions of the foot is to carry the burden of the body. The gait disorder affects the spine and leads to posture deformities.

These deformities can occur as genetic, congenital as well as in childhood, as a consequence of wearing deformed shoes. In the following periods it may cause knee, hip, waist and back pain.

There are two basic curves in a healthy foot. One is longitudinal that extands from back to front and the other is transversal right behind fingers and extands from inside to outside.

Morton Neuroma

Searing pain of the foot, loss of senses, numbness and cramping on the fingers. Signs are usually spread towards the inside of the fourth finger with the third finger. It is usually unilateral.

Generally, when walking or standing, the pain increases. Patients complain of being in the position of holding their feet up, especially when driving. Another typical finding is that when there is pain, they take their shoes off and massage under the foot. This region is very painful to touch.

Compression of this area with fingers increases the pain. Choosing a right shoe and orthotics are usually sufficient in treatment. Local painkillers and steroid injections may be performed when the pain persists. Surgery would be the last option.


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